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Art Clinic is a world-class private clinic with modern facilities and equipment of the highest quality. Together with our trained specialists in Lymphedema, we provide the best possible support throughout the care process.

We offer natural and life-improving results for our patients, primarily through three areas of expertise – plastic surgery, spine surgery, and orthopedics. Our clinics are located in Gothenburg, Stockholm, Uppsala and Jönköping, with consultation opportunities in further locations.


Lymphedema can be either congenital (primary) or the result of treatment or injury (secondary). Secondary course is most common and can occur after cancer treatment – mainly breast cancer, gynecological cancer, prostate cancer, malignant melanoma, or tumors in the head or neck. It’s a chronic and complex condition that has major physical, psychological, and social consequences for the quality of life of patients suffering from it.

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The condition affects millions of people worldwide and statistics show that every fifth woman who survives breast cancer will develop arm lymphedema. But although lymphedema is a chronic condition, it can often be managed with conservative procedures as bandaging or compression garments. When adipose tissue increases due to chronic inflammation and cannot be removed with compression, the excess adipose tissue can be removed by liposuction.

Håkan Brorson

Reputable associate professor, specialist in orthopedics, as well as chief physician in plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Anders Liss

Renowned surgeon with extensive experience and a highv level of expertise in reconstructive and cosmetic surgery.

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